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How We Build Trusted Connections

Trust. Who do you trust? Who’s broken your trust? Years ago, a group of us sat down to document Monscierge’s core values. One of the critical values is trust. We build trusted connections. It would be easy to make promises and never deliver, but we choose trust instead. We’re often on a first-name basis with many of our customers, and … Read More

Isn’t the Brain Weird?

No one wants to make the wrong decision. This week alone, we’ve had people call and say, “We should have gone with you from the start.” People are unique, beautiful contradictions, and luckily, we can change our minds. There’s no shame in deciding you went with the wrong provider solution. It’s what you do next that counts. I’ve lost count … Read More

The Art of Hospitality Procrastination

Every day we talk with companies who realize they’ve been procrastinating. We’ve all done it, putting something aside to work on “when we’re ready” or “when the time is right.” And all too often, when we finally start work, it’s usually in a rush. “The last best experience that anyone has anywhere becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they … Read More

What Is the Guest Experience?

We talk about the guest experience, but what does it actually mean? What is an experience? The experience is how a person feels and what they think while they’re doing something. Experiences are always evolving and leverage feedback, personal viewpoints, and a focus on an outcome. An experience isn’t your app but may include it as part of the overall … Read More

The Trend for Customer Success

What’s the value of an award? At Monscierge, we place great emphasis on them with our clients and our team. We see awards as the north star for our success. Recently, we won two awards for the Best Hospitality TV Solution for 2021 and Best Digital Signage Solution for 2021. Our awards were hard-fought against numerous competitors and a rapidly … Read More