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Tips for Leveraging Technology to Reopen Your Hotel in a Post COVID-19 World

The New Guest Experience: Tips for leveraging technology to prepare for your hotel’s reopening in the post-COVID-19 world.

Enhancing the Guest Experience with Apple TV

We have been talking a lot about the various enhancements Apple TV can bring to the guest experience over the last few months. One of the major hurdles we dealt with to bring this solution to an enterprise scale was data security. More specifically, what happens when a guest logs into their own accounts on a hotel room device, then … Read More

Personalization and Recommendation Through the Years

Over the last nine years, we have worked to connect hotels and guests using various means of technology. When I first started this job seven years ago, we were building software for lobby screens and just starting to branch into mobile apps. I remember conversations with the marketing team that felt like delving into the future while we tried to … Read More

Increasing Guest Satisfaction with Mobile Tech

The J.D. Power’s North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index study showed scores improving across the board, but not as much in the areas of check in and check out. While up overall, guests aren’t quite as happy with the process as they are with the rest of the stay. It makes sense. One of the top annoyances in any experience … Read More

Small Service Touches that Make a Good Experience Great

Good customer service skills are practically inherent for people who love the hospitality industry, but brand standards exist to turn a good guest experience into a remarkable one. Often these are seemingly minute touches, but they have the potential to make a huge impact on the guest. I have found all-staff training to be one of the biggest tells for … Read More