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7 Reasons to Get Mobile in the New Year

Everyone is making resolutions to be healthier, save money, have more fun, and accomplish goals. This year, get your hospitality resolutions all in one place with a mobile app. Attain Goals – The first part of meeting a goal is to name it, and the best way to stay on target is to track your progress. Today’s hotel apps can … Read More

5 Outside-the-Box Ideas to Increase RevPAR

[nextpage title=”1. Loyalty Program” ] 1. Offer a loyalty program reward at sign-up. A good one. Let’s say you offer a standard 7th night free. Make it a 4th night free for signing up. Then when they book that, they get 800 points. Downloading your mobile app earns them 1000 points. Replying to your welcome text is 2000 points. You … Read More

Creating Loyal Customers

Today’s post is written by our Senior Account Manager, Elizabeth Robinson. She’s a natural customer service leader and has been an asset to Monscierge for over four years.   What makes loyal customers?  Is it the product? The price?  A lot of companies will market to their consumers as “Having the best product” or “Being the cheapest” or “Getting the … Read More