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7 Reasons to Get Mobile in the New Year

Everyone is making resolutions to be healthier, save money, have more fun, and accomplish goals. This year, get your hospitality resolutions all in one place with a mobile app. Attain Goals – The first part of meeting a goal is to name it, and the best way to stay on target is to track your progress. Today’s hotel apps can … Read More

Leadership in a Service Industry

Outstanding service industry employees seem to be born for it. They have an innate sense of empathy and something that requires only the smallest amount of training. However, leadership still plays a huge part in creating a culture of service. Service leaders have two major roles – training and example. Many brands known for fantastic service train their team members … Read More

The Draw of Hospitality

It may be known for its high turnover, but hospitality can be an appealing field for those who are fresh out of school, unsure which career to pursue, or re-entering the workforce. Job applicants new to a career often get frustrated finding work because many job listings require 5-10 years’ relevant experience. Sometimes you just can’t get around that, but … Read More

The 5 Qualities of a True Leader

Sad fact, leadership roles don’t always get filled by leaders. Do you exhibit these qualities? 1. Kick up, kiss down. How much time do you spend chatting it up with your fellow managers? Allot that time working with and for your team. They’re the ones that do the work you need done. Show them how important they are. Drive their … Read More

5 Alternatives to “I Don’t Know”

I had an interaction with a staff member at a local business yesterday that involved me wanting to pay for something and her not knowing how to charge me. Instead of getting an answer, she shrugged her shoulders and looked to me for the answer. Not having any inside knowledge, I did not have the answer, so the purchase was … Read More