5 Reasons Wayfinding Technology Increases Guest Comfort


Everybody feels more at home when they know what is around them, and how to get to where they need to go. Easy access to wayfinding technology helps travelers feel more at home and at ease with their surroundings. 2. In the medical industry, wayfinding technology can point patients and visitors quickly to specific rooms or wards, decreasing tension for people already stressed over a medical situation. 3. Familiarity with a facility brings confidence for any guest. Wayfinding signage is a practical way to add comfort anyone visiting your place of business by giving them searchable access to exactly where they need to go. 4. Aside from location awareness, wayfinding software can also give guests direct access to information about where they want to go. If they are searching for the closest steakhouse, they will also know which one has the rankings, what is on the menu, if they deliver, and what time they close. 5. In-house amenities are quickly and readily viewable, making it easy for guests to know what is available to them right there. Guests can see hours of operation, services, menus, contact information, and location within the facility which allows them to take advantage of what is available to them without leaving the property.