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The Art of Welcome

A fantastic welcome is the first phase of a wonderful guest journey, and the art of welcome is a foundational skill for any guest facing staff members. Unfortunately, being welcoming does not come naturally to everyone. As with any quality of hospitality, some people are born with it, some can be taught, and some just simply don’t have [...]

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Staff Loyalty in a High Turnaround Industry

Turnover rates, traditionally high in the hospitality industry, have a direct influence on both revenue and loyalty. A loyal staff begets a loyal customer base. Employees who are passionate about what they’re doing will reflect a positive attitude that carries through to the guest experience. It goes without saying that staff retention [...]

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Digital Guest Journey: Mobile Concierge

Travelers everywhere are using smartphones to get information about their destination and recommendations for the best possible experience. While some guests are using third party apps for this, some hotels have found that a mobile concierge is the best way to ensure guests have a positive experience throughout their stay. Just as hotels [...]

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