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Hotel RL’s Innovative Living Stage

Hotel RL by RLHC is an innovative brand that brings an authentic local connection to the guest journey. Their Living Stage is a project that provides a space for local artists to share their creativity in everything from cause awareness and storytelling to cooking and poetry.   Hotel RL has created inspirational community spaces in [...]

Mandy GreenMandy Green

Killing the Cheeseplate

When Monscierge first began our journey, we spent several days working in the back-of-house with staff at a well-known hotel in downtown Oklahoma City.  Their team talked with us about their passion for our industry, their love for their guests, and the challenges they face every day.  I asked one of the bell staff “If you could [...]

Marcus RobinsonMarcus Robinson

Using Geofilters for Hotel Marketing

Hotels are getting into the Snapchat game and it has a lot of potential for location-based branded marketing. Geofilters, which consist of a graphic overlay for “snaps”, are a fun way to test the Snapchat waters. They are highly localized, which means they show up in the app based on a location that you set, and your cost depends on the [...]

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Personalization and Hospitality Tech

Technology is making inroads in the hotel industry at a faster pace that it has ever done before. What started a few years ago with updating telephones or providing cell phone chargers has become a new world of screens, logins, and location awareness. I attended a wedding last week, so the “what do you do” conversation happened a lot. [...]

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7 Reasons to Get Mobile in the New Year

Everyone is making resolutions to be healthier, save money, have more fun, and accomplish goals. This year, get your hospitality resolutions all in one place with a mobile app. Attain Goals – The first part of meeting a goal is to name it, and the best way to stay on target is to track your progress. Today’s hotel apps can help you [...]

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