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Up and Running in No Time!

We’re easy to work with and scalable for any size property. We take those two tenets very seriously; we’re bound and determined not to be a hassle. On average, when a new subscriber joins the Monscierge family, they can receive their shipment in as little as 72 hours. What most customers don’t know is the work that’s done automatically behind … Read More

The Importance of Bandwidth

Today’s visitors demand connectivity. Whether it’s the family in town for vacation or a business traveler just passing through, the proliferation of mobile devices necessitates a strong wifi connection. First, as a background, most small to mid-size hotels utilize a single connection into the hotel distributed across the guests. A 150 Mbps connection divided by 100 rooms is 1.5 Mbps. … Read More

Showing Off Your Property Features

Whether showing property amenities or talking about your history, Monscierge’s property features app lets you configure your look and feel. The Monscierge Experience Engine manages your property features through an easy-to-use web control panel. You can add title, description, operating hours, contact details, and media content. You can have as many features as you’d like and even group or categorize … Read More

Time to Tackle Tax Incentives

Maybe you’ve thought about upgrading. Wouldn’t it be nice to modernize your property? If you’re in the United States, section 179 is built just for you. Section 179 is an IRS tax code that lets businesses write off specific hardware and software. Monscierge products, like our Apple TV for Hospitality in-room TV solution, are fully compatible with these incentives. It’s … Read More

What Hotels Forget About the Guest Experience

Recently, we found a hotel that told us, “we don’t do hospitality.” Were they trying to create a spin on guest expectations? Was it a casual lead-in to a bolder claim like “we are hospitality”? Nope, it was a solid and straightforward answer. They didn’t care about hospitality. For some, hospitality doesn’t come naturally, it’s a purely business transaction. For … Read More