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Cheers to Hospitality Staff this Labor Day

Labor Day, a day set aside in the US to celebrate workers – originally and specifically regarding the promotion of fair and safe working practices. During that period of the Industrial Revolution, long hours and unsafe conditions abounded, even for children. Today, Labor Day is widely known as a day off of work for the 9-5 crowd, but the [...]

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Loyalty in a Commoditized World

Studies have shown that today’s hotel guests book based more on price and location as seen on OTA websites than based on brand loyalty. OTA commoditization has boiled the decision making down to one photo and a number, leaving hoteliers at the mercy of a booking experience that is often out of their hands. So how does a hotel brand gain [...]

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Mobile and the Human Touch

The human touch is without doubt what makes a hotel’s service unique. Today’s mobile apps and other technologies have many people claiming the loss of this element, and predicting that there is not space in the world for both human touch and technology, one or the other must go. While I can understand the viewpoint, I disagree. Hotel [...]

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