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How Can We Help?

It’s time for a question we’ve asked for years – how can Monscierge help your team and business? We want to do everything in our power to assist during the current worldwide events.

Killing the Cheeseplate

When Monscierge first began our journey, we spent several days working in the back-of-house with staff at a well-known hotel in downtown Oklahoma City.  Their team talked with us about their passion for our industry, their love for their guests, and the challenges they face every day.  I asked one of the bell staff “If you could change one thing … Read More

Tech and Hospitality 2018

Vacation time is upon us as 2018 comes to a close. On the occasion of the last post before the break, I wanted to speak one more time about the importance of face to face communication even with the continuous advance of technology. Some brands are hesitant to bring technology into guest communication, fearing it will corrode the very essence … Read More

Food Allergies and F&B Safety

Text-based communication in hospitality is significantly on the rise. We’ve talked many times about how to use it to enhance rather than replace the personal touch so vital to the essence of hospitality. But one of the ways that is most important is the accuracy it can bring to F&B orders. Anyone who’s worked in F&B knows that accuracy is … Read More

Enhancing the Guest Experience with Apple TV

We have been talking a lot about the various enhancements Apple TV can bring to the guest experience over the last few months. One of the major hurdles we dealt with to bring this solution to an enterprise scale was data security. More specifically, what happens when a guest logs into their own accounts on a hotel room device, then … Read More