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Finding the Leaders on Your Staff

Not every member of a team is meant to be a leader, but there are some oft-hidden traits you can seek out when you’re looking to bump someone to a leadership or training role. Most successful leaders have a way about them that makes people pay attention to what they have to say, but not all great leaders are talkative. One way to find [...]

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9 Travel Concerns Met by Mobile

Branded apps have come a long way from the days of booking only. Today’s travelers have means of eliminating a majority of top concerns at the tips of their fingers. Here are nine ways major brands are easing the guest journey: Traffic: As much fun as it would be to have an app to erase traffic jams before we arrive at them, hotels are [...]

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Case Study: The Benefits of a Staff App

Monscierge has released a case study along with Accor, outlining a deployment of Connect Staff into all U.K. owned and managed ibis properties. This initiative was piloted at the ibis London Euston site, and driven by Accor’s commitment to leading the industry in innovative technology and to improve efficiency and guest satisfaction. [...]

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