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Digital Guest Journey: Mobile Concierge

Travelers everywhere are using smartphones to get information about their destination and recommendations for the best possible experience. While some guests are using third party apps for this, some hotels have found that a mobile concierge is the best way to ensure guests have a positive experience throughout their stay. Just as hotels [...]

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What do Travelers Want from Mobile?

The Cornell Center for Hospitality Research report titled “The Mobile Revolution is Here: Are you Ready?” found that travelers are seeing potential for mobile use in hotels. Survey respondents were asked what they would like to see hotels doing with mobile technology, and following are the top five responses. Room ready notifications: [...]

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Hotel Technology and Data Reporting

Branded mobile apps have become more of an expectation for guests, and are quickly on the rise for staff members. With all of this comes data – guest preferences, request and maintenance tracking and communications all measured across a property or an entire brand. This information can be used to measure and compare staff [...]

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Hotel Apps: Beyond Front of House

The use of mobile apps by hotel brands and properties continues to grow, the most common uses being booking, hotel information, and guest-to-staff communication. However, the back of house can benefit from as well, and many hotels are beginning to implement their use to increase efficiency and guest satisfaction. Guest to staff [...]

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