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Loyalty in a Commoditized World

Studies have shown that today’s hotel guests book based more on price and location as seen on OTA websites than based on brand loyalty. OTA commoditization has boiled the decision making down to one photo and a number, leaving hoteliers at the mercy of a booking experience that is often out of their hands. So how does a hotel brand gain [...]

Mandy GreenMandy Green

Mobile and the Human Touch

The human touch is without doubt what makes a hotel’s service unique. Today’s mobile apps and other technologies have many people claiming the loss of this element, and predicting that there is not space in the world for both human touch and technology, one or the other must go. While I can understand the viewpoint, I disagree. Hotel [...]

Mandy GreenMandy Green

Finding the Leaders on Your Staff

Not every member of a team is meant to be a leader, but there are some oft-hidden traits you can seek out when you’re looking to bump someone to a leadership or training role. Most successful leaders have a way about them that makes people pay attention to what they have to say, but not all great leaders are talkative. One way to find [...]

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