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Food Allergies and F&B Safety

Text-based communication in hospitality is significantly on the rise. We’ve talked many times about how to use it to enhance rather than replace the personal touch so vital to the essence of hospitality. But one of the ways that is most important is the accuracy it can bring to F&B orders. Anyone who’s worked in F&B knows that accuracy is … Read More

Enhancing the Guest Experience with Apple TV

We have been talking a lot about the various enhancements Apple TV can bring to the guest experience over the last few months. One of the major hurdles we dealt with to bring this solution to an enterprise scale was data security. More specifically, what happens when a guest logs into their own accounts on a hotel room device, then … Read More

Personalization and Recommendation Through the Years

Over the last nine years, we have worked to connect hotels and guests using various means of technology. When I first started this job seven years ago, we were building software for lobby screens and just starting to branch into mobile apps. I remember conversations with the marketing team that felt like delving into the future while we tried to … Read More

Three F&B Apps Getting Personalization Right

We’ve talked often about hotels using technology to enhance the guest experience through personalization. I wanted to highlight a few restaurant apps who are using their apps to delight guests with custom offers, drive sales with tailored menu items, and remove pain points with increased efficiency and precision. Can you talk about restaurant apps without mentioning Dominos? The pizza chain … Read More

Happy Hotel Guests – By the Math

A few years ago, a team of researchers found that happiness, rather than being directly in ratio to pleasant circumstances, existed in the space between reality and expectation. (Happiness = Reality – Expectations) It may sound overly simplistic but it’s a basic premise that has far-reaching applications. For anyone working in service industries, the happiest customers aren’t those whose expectations … Read More