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What Is the Guest Experience?

We talk about the guest experience, but what does it actually mean? What is an experience? The experience is how a person feels and what they think while they’re doing something. Experiences are always evolving and leverage feedback, personal viewpoints, and a focus on an outcome. An experience isn’t your app but may include it as part of the overall … Read More

Will You Require a Vaccination ID?

Vaccination efforts are underway worldwide. As larger numbers of the population are vaccinated, travel will pickup. Hotels and other locations renting rooms will need to establish protocols for whether they require vaccination IDs and what constitutes a valid ID. It’s a process that will be a challenge. With a mish-mash of requirements establishing a single standard will be difficult. During … Read More

Your Guests Want a Guidebook

Is it a guidebook, in-room compendium, welcome book, directory, or the house rules? No matter what you call it, your guidebook is a central way to share information with guests. But there are better modern experiences that offer considerable leaps in value and benefit for both guests and owners. The digital compendium is the solution. It’s the digital means to … Read More

Five Reasons You Should Be Using Digital Signage

LED and LCD screens are everywhere, especially for people who are used to digital screens. Many businesses are leveraging digital signage, which comes with LED or LCD screens, to reach more customers these days. Digital signage is not only for big companies. Growing companies should embrace digital signage as a marketing tool. It doesn’t matter what kind of services or … Read More

Do You Really Need Insurance?

The unsurprising answer is yes; you need rental insurance for your property. The longer answer is that’s complicated. Let’s unpack the details. Many owners will carry some form of homeowners insurance. But typically, it’s designed for owner-occupied property. There will be multiple stays; rental guests, the owner, and periods of being unoccupied. The messy part of insurance is there’s no … Read More