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Happy Hotel Guests – By the Math

A few years ago, a team of researchers found that happiness, rather than being directly in ratio to pleasant circumstances, existed in the space between reality and expectation. (Happiness = Reality – Expectations) It may sound overly simplistic but it’s a basic premise that has far-reaching applications. For anyone working in service [...]

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Mobile Use During the Stay

We surveyed travelers around the world to discover how they use technology to enhance their travel experience. Some of the most surprising information came from the queries surrounding mobile use during the stay. As expected, use of a hotel’s mobile app to decrease standing in line for check in and check out was a top-rated feature, but [...]

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Increasing Guest Satisfaction with Mobile Tech

The J.D. Power’s North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index study showed scores improving across the board, but not as much in the areas of check in and check out. While up overall, guests aren’t quite as happy with the process as they are with the rest of the stay. It makes sense. One of the top annoyances in any experience is [...]

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Winning Ratings and Reviews

Travel bookings, whether done by computer or mobile, will never again be separated from internet searches, recommendation sites, and reviews. Hotel companies that view this transparency as an asset take measures to delight guests, keep reviews positive, and sometimes change perceptions when a guest is inclined to complain. In days past, [...]

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Hospitality for the Digitally Connected

At Monscierge, we believe in using technology to enhance human interactions rather than replacing them. Connectedness is the standard of hospitality and modernization of the guest experience must always keep that in mind. Hotel software should be designed with the brand in mind. Not only should the look and feel be recognizable to the [...]

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