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The Hidden Costs of Hospitality

One of the exciting pieces of feedback we’ve received recently has been how many hotel staff still work remotely. A casino recently told us, “being a remote employee and having the ability to make changes and updates remotely for our guests is wonderful.” The ability to manage content, reset devices and communicate from afar is a time saver. It saves … Read More

Are You All About the Guest Experience?

Monscierge provides the Hospitality TV platform built for any size property. We provide our platform to single room rentals and hotels with hundreds of rooms. The unifying factor? Every single property is serious about delivering a better guest experience. The beauty of our platform is that we’re scalable for any size and gladly work with vacation rentals like Airbnb, boutique … Read More

Highlight: Treehouse Grove

Treehouses fifty feet in the air pose unique challenges. Treehouse Grove is all about the guest experience and went to Monscierge for a scalable solution. Monscierge provided a scalable hospitality TV solution for Treehouse Grove. As a result of delivering automation and remote management, their staff no longer needed to drop everything and drive on-site for simple tasks. Our platform … Read More

All About Chauffeur Knowledge

One of the more interesting concepts that we pride ourselves on is the lack of chauffeur knowledge. If you’re not familiar, it comes from a story in 1918. Max Planck went on a tour across Germany after receiving the Nobel Prize for Physics. Over time, his chauffeur grew to know his speech by heart, and in the interest of variety, … Read More

Stop Gambling Your Ratings

How do you judge your property’s performance? Do you look at your ratings? TripAdvisor score? During a poll, only around 42% of rental owners actively reviewed their ongoing ratings. Owners who actively reviewed their scores on average maintained higher occupancy and increased revenue. But what goes into reviewing scores? Potential guests look to ratings and reviews as a gauge for … Read More