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Talent in the Trenches

The greatest, and perhaps most overlooked, source of talent and inside hotel information can be found in the people who are carrying out the day to day tasks in the hotel. The person who knows the most about how efficient, profitable, and customer-pleasing your policies and processes are is the person who is using them every day to do [...]

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Hospitality in Healthcare

Over the recent past, the healthcare industry has begun looking to hospitality for insights into better patient care. After all, who better than the hotel industry to lead the way in making people feel more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings? Technology plays a major role in measuring and reporting patient satisfaction, proving means [...]

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Hotel RL’s Innovative Living Stage

Hotel RL by RLHC is an innovative brand that brings an authentic local connection to the guest journey. Their Living Stage is a project that provides a space for local artists to share their creativity in everything from cause awareness and storytelling to cooking and poetry.   Hotel RL has created inspirational community spaces in [...]

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