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How We Make Things Easy – Part II

One of our four guiding principles is that we’re “easy to do business with.” No doubt you’ve encountered companies that seemingly make things a challenge. How does Monscierge make it easy? We see the connection between our guiding principles – easy to use, easy to scale, easy to do business with, and affordable for everyone. In 2019, we shifted everything … Read More

Are You On the Road to Growth?

Are You On the Road to Growth? We’ve put together a new handy guide that illustrates the 2021 best practices for hospitality technology. It’s how to increase guests and revenue per guest at your property. The free guide illustrates the simple steps and tools that can almost immediately impact guest satisfaction. Download the Free Guide

How We Make Things Easy – Part I

It’s interesting to talk with prospective clients. Occasionally, we’ll have a prospective client who recognizes the value and loves everything about it, but they start questioning whether they should use a new platform. The answer almost comes down to trepidation from past experiences that clouds their judgment. Luckily, we have years of experience that put people at ease with reviews, … Read More

The Hidden Costs of Hospitality

One of the exciting pieces of feedback we’ve received recently has been how many hotel staff still work remotely. A casino recently told us, “being a remote employee and having the ability to make changes and updates remotely for our guests is wonderful.” The ability to manage content, reset devices and communicate from afar is a time saver. It saves … Read More

Are You All About the Guest Experience?

Monscierge provides the Hospitality TV platform built for any size property. We provide our platform to single room rentals and hotels with hundreds of rooms. The unifying factor? Every single property is serious about delivering a better guest experience. The beauty of our platform is that we’re scalable for any size and gladly work with vacation rentals like Airbnb, boutique … Read More