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Stop Gambling Your Ratings

How do you judge your property’s performance? Do you look at your ratings? TripAdvisor score? During a poll, only around 42% of rental owners actively reviewed their ongoing ratings. Owners who actively reviewed their scores on average maintained higher occupancy and increased revenue. But what goes into reviewing scores? Potential guests look to ratings and reviews as a gauge for … Read More

Solving a Business Challenge

Our Customer Experience team surveys our customers about their experience. As one way of building trust, our goal is to help provide solutions for our customers’ business needs. During a survey, we solved a customer’s rental business needs by “giving guests an easy experience to stream movies, tell guests about my house, and providing local things to do.” Likewise, a … Read More

Vaccines with a View

The latest travel trend to emerge is vaccine vacations. As destinations look for new and exciting hooks to attract visitors, the prospect of vaccine tourism is a compelling proposition. As some travel requires proof of vaccination, these destinations are opening themselves to getting vaccinated with a view. Those who sign up would typically need to remain for several weeks to … Read More

California is Open for Business…Almost

California is re-opening on June 15. Everyday activities can resume, and businesses can re-open with “common-sense risk reduction measures.” With the recent announcement, how will travel be impacted? Is travel already being booked, or will there be a slow burn? Prospective travelers wildly vary in their opinions not only in the United States but also worldwide. While some travelers throw … Read More

When You Put Customers First

Monscierge has always put customers first. Since nearly our beginning, we’ve gathered recommendation letters and customer quotes that line the walls of our office. One way we achieve happy customers is through fast deployments of our platform and software. Our platform can be purchased in less than two-minutes and deployed quickly. With solutions like messaging, you can be live and … Read More