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You Don’t Have to Love Your TV Provider

People sure love TV — but they don’t love their TV provider. Many cable executives have tried to pretend their industry isn’t in the middle of a monumental industry shift. Still, amidst consumers demanding more choice, a turbulent economy, and a global pandemic, cord-cutting is real and taking over. Endless rate hikes, complicated contracts, extensive service fees, and a lack … Read More

Part II: Working from the Hotel

Working from hotels is the new work from home, as digital nomads begin to disconnect from makeshift offices at home in favor of unique views and better hassle-free technology.

Part I: Introducing the Digital Nomad

Digital nomads blend business and travel. They’re sometimes called half-tourists, but whatever you call them. They’re here to stay. Travel restrictions due to Covid has only further accelerated this growing set of travelers.

What’s the Cost of Not Using SMS?

Communication is vital for guests. If you’re not communicating, you’re missing the boat on capturing greater guest satisfaction, bookings, and loyalty.

What’s a Hospitality TV?

Hospitality TVs are different from consumer-grade TVs and provide additional options and configuration settings available to the property.