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Part I: Introducing the Digital Nomad

Digital nomads blend business and travel. They’re sometimes called half-tourists, but whatever you call them. They’re here to stay. Travel restrictions due to Covid has only further accelerated this growing set of travelers.

What’s the Cost of Not Using SMS?

Communication is vital for guests. If you’re not communicating, you’re missing the boat on capturing greater guest satisfaction, bookings, and loyalty.

What’s a Hospitality TV?

Hospitality TVs are different from consumer-grade TVs and provide additional options and configuration settings available to the property.

Monscierge’s Apple TV Pillow Speaker

Built for healthcare and powering Apple TV for Healthcare. Monscierge provides the only Apple TV-compatible pillow speaker/call light remote. Integrates with virtually any nurse call and pillow speaker system available.

Health and Wellness in Travel

Health and hygiene are on most travelers’ minds. How is your property adapting to the guest’s demand for health and wellness?