Hotel of the Future


In this Microsoft video, we can catch a glimpse of the not-too-distant future. Business travel is all about being connected; travelers have the ability to schedule tasks and integrate them directly into their hotel room. They stay in touch with family – even bake cookies with their children – via mobile devices that virtually bring everyone to the same room. We see a woman (Ayla) checking into her hotel as she’s arriving by cab. The staff is alerted of her arrival and is given a quick overview of her needs and preferences. She is able to interact with her colleagues directly from her hotel room. She has access to her own content and software on the devices in her room, turning the room into an office. Later in the video, we see her helping her daughter with school and cooking, all while using devices in the hotel. Ayla is made comfortable while she is away from home because of the ability to quickly communicate with those from her own town. Information about the new city is easy to find every step of her way, letting her know what is nearby, and even pointing out the places she will be visiting as she goes by. This shows an exciting picture of the future of travel. This technology will enable guests to make better use of their time, keep in touch with loved ones and colleagues at home, and remain comfortable with their surroundings.