The Future of Travel


Imagine that you come across an industry report detailing what to expect in your field over the next decade – a glimpse of the future. Curiosity piqued, you read through and realize that they are describing your company word for word. Do you know what this means? You work for the future! That is how we felt when we read the “From Chaos to Collaboration” report from Amadeus (which can be read and downloaded by following the link), under the heading “Intelligent Recommendation.” (p.28)

“As technologies make it easier to tag and recommend all aspects of the travel experience, travelers will increasingly be influenced by their peers. However, internet search engines and expert advice will be equally important. The combination of the three will make the exploration of niche tastes or interests while traveling more accessible to a wider group of people.” (excerpt, “From Chaos to Collaboration” p. 28)  

This is what our Recommendation Network™ is all about. We have spent the last 3 years researching the hospitality industry to understand how it is that hotel guests want to be interacted with in today’s digital age. It became apparent very quickly that what travelers are looking for are trusted sources of local information.

Monscierge has developed a platform which connects hotels to their guests and provides them with trusted, intelligent recommendations and travel information. Our Recommendation Cloud™ has been curated by industry professionals, many of which are the hotels themselves. Our technology allows hotels to connect and communicate with guests on their terms, how and when they want it. We give hotels the technological tools to stay in touch with guests and provide a consistent message across multiple customer touch points, including staff, web, mobile, in-room and at high traffic locations throughout the hotel. The result is an unrivaled guest experience and an invaluable tool set for any traveler.

It is thrilling to think that the innovation we are working so hard to provide will soon be an expected way of life. We are excited to be a part of the quickly changing landscape of the hospitality industry and look forward to helping our clients connect to guests, and assisting travelers on their journeys to amazing experiences.