Moving Forward


Our team had a great time at the 2012 International CES with Dell and Startup America. We can’t say enough about how much we appreciate the support Dell has shown us, and how awesome it has been working with them. It goes without saying that Dell is one of the most-loved success stories in the U.S., but getting to know the people behind the company has been a great experience for our crew at Monscierge.

Startup America was launched about a year ago at the White House to help young companies grow in five areas: expertise, services, talent, customers, and capital. One of the highlights of our CES trip was a Google+ hangout that included Startup America CEO, Scott Case, and Dell president, Consumer, Small and Medium Business, Steve Felice. “I think the effort by Dell and Startup America to promote up and coming businesses is to be commended. By promoting and supporting startups, each is helping create jobs in today’s tough economy. Other large corporations should take note and follow Dell’s lead. By giving innovative companies exposure at places such as CES, they are directly and positively impacting the engine behind the US economy, small to medium sized businesses (SMB). After meeting Dell’s entrepreneur in Residence (EIR), Ingrid Vanderveldt, I’m positive we will see more and more support for up and coming entrepreneurs from Dell.” (Monscierge CEO, Marcus Robinson) And we couldn’t send people to CES without getting all the details on what to watch for in the coming year. Our team seemed unanimously impressed with a group who have developed a 3-D smart-phone app that uses “augmented reality” to allow users to interact with with certain brands by overlaying content directly onto certain items in the real world. It’s free and loads of fun. You can check them out at