Digital Signage: Is Your Brand Showing?


Digital signage is on a sharp rise in the hospitality industry. Interactive touch screens are in, and those back-lit “you are here” maps are making an exit. So what are some key features to identify when implementing a signage upgrade?

Digital signage should first and foremost connect you to your guests, giving you the opportunity to enhance their experience through multiple channels:

Trusted recommendations

Interactive wayfinding

Travel information such as flights, maps, and weather forecasts In-house promotions



Mobile integration

Event information

Interaction with your brand

Social media integration

Secondly, ensure that the signage you are purchasing has a content management system (CMS) that allows you to customize the content, retaining brand consistency and reliability. Digital signage is an elegant, meaningful, and effective tool and your brand can be at the front and center if you manage the content in-house.

Social media integration is another way for your brand to shine through digital signage. Users are able to share photos of your property along with your branding on their own social pages, combining peer recommendations with instant brand messaging. In short, keep the needs of your guests at the top of your mind and stay true to your brand.