Resort Classes: What today’s get-aways are teaching their guests


Taking a cue from a long-time resort offering, many hotels are offering classes for guests. With cooler weather approaching and the need for indoor activities becoming imminent, I did a little digging into what hotels are offering and how these classes benefit everyone.

Classes are a great way to infuse a local flavor into your guests’ experience. Depending on what you’re offering, there doesn’t have to be a ton of expense put into it. I’d start by finding a local expert to teach the class. Some hotels offer yoga or dance classes, but classes in mixology, cooking, gardening or herb preparation have the added benefit of take-hope items for guests to remember their stay.

For instance, a local gardening expert with a knowledge of preparing and storing cooking herbs could teach a class on mixing or cooking with herbs. Guests go home with seeds and their own personalized herb blend, which sends them off with local flavor to remind them of their stay. You can pay a fee to the teacher for her time and supplies, and she can boost her income by selling extra herb blends or recipes after the class or even in your gift shop. (And the relationship with a local has the added benefit of being her preferred property when she’s asked.)

Whether it’s local arts or crafts, brewing, or the timeless Yoga lessons, vacationers will enjoy the on-site (and cold weather friendly) activities, as well as the opportunity to dive into a local experience and share it with friends and family back home.