Winter Travel for Families: Warm Up to these 5 Cold-Weather Amenities


Out of everything my family purchased over the last year, the one most enjoyed by my children was our vacation in early April. It was very cold and we had some snow flurries, but we enjoyed the nearly vacant hotel and the small crowds, and even managed a little swim time at an indoor water park. So rather than filling our home with more toys, my Christmas gift for my children this year will be travel.

I’m geared toward time outdoors, things like camping and boating, so I am looking for lots of new experiences that are just as enjoyable during the winter months. I’ve checked out a few places and these are some of the most intriguing ideas I’ve found.

  1. Snowmobile tours – I am likely the worst skier in the history of mankind, so snow skiing while keeping track of young children is not my idea of a vacation. But I feel like a snowmobile tour is something I could handle. It would be an all-new experience for my kids, and I know the four boys would be thrilled with something like this.
  2. Wonderland themes – Depending on the location, lots of hotels transform their public spaces into something new and magical for the kids during the winter. Giant displays of snow, twinkle lights, or gingerbread villages surround various child-friendly activities to keep the kids busy during their stay.
  3. Indoor water parks – This was part of our April trip, and my kids loved it. I was happy they had something to keep them physically active indoors, but the freezing trip from the water park to the car was nearly unbearable. That would have to be remedied for a future trip.
  4. Sleigh rides – I’ve never done this before, but it sounds like it would be a memorable activity for a family, or a wonderful part of a romantic evening for a couple.
  5. Hot cocoa by the fire – The two elements of this are equally appealing to me. In my old country home, keeping the fire going can be quite a chore. Having the fire and cocoa prepared by someone else sounds like the ultimate wintertime luxury to me.

Does your property have special winter offerings for families with children?