Hotel Technology Gone Local – Recommendations for your mobile app



Recommendations provided to guests via Virtual Concierge became more prevalent over 2013. This article highlights tips and tricks to keep in mind as this trend rises over the coming year.

Characteristics of Quality Recommendations:

  • Real, trusted, and relevant information
  • Provided to guests through easy-to-access channels
  • Curated by real people rather than paid for by merchants
  • Include hours of operation, pricing information, menus or services offered, and directions
  • Truly local on a global scale – guests have access to what they want in the immediate area, but with a network that expands to every hotel within your brand, all around the world.


  • The database should be consistently updated for accuracy
  • Means of delivery should be monitored for speed and user experience


  • Enhance the guest experience
  • Build guest loyalty with positive memories
  • Give guests something to talk about and share with their friends
  • Available 24 hours a day for all guests
  • Relieve a few of the front desk duties