Virtual Concierge: Why Not to Depend on Outside Apps



Last month, we talked about quality local recommendations for a Virtual Concierge. Expanding on that point, I want to explain the benefits for hotel operators in curating their own recommendations versus relying on generic apps guests may already have on their phone.

First, you should think of this as an extension of your concierge services. Even if you don’t have an on-site concierge, your staff will have the best picks for dining and entertainment.

Owning your recommendations also ensures that they are always up to date. It takes a while for user-generated apps to catch up with business closings, management changes, and hours of operation. Hotels can stay on top of these things easily.

These recommendations add tremendous value to your branded app as well, by providing extra incentive for guests to download and keep the app on their phone, by being useful and relevant even when they are not on your property, and by promoting your hotel amenities and reservation channels.

Finally, this is a chance to build loyalty with your guests. Any time you own a positive travel experience, on site or off – you are building an emotional connection with your guest, giving them a something to share with their friends, positive memories of their stay, and a reason to return.