Making the Most of Guest Data



Have you ever filled out a comment card or done an online survey and wondered if anyone would ever look at it? Does the data you offer to companies in hopes of improvements even matter? Is anyone listening?

Hotels perhaps have the greatest available insight into customer data, because they own (and receive feedback on) everything from breakfast time to bedtime. Last week, we talked about actionable data hoteliers can capture through branded mobile apps. But how valuable is it?

Five ways to improve operations based on mobile data:

  1. What is grabbing your guests’ attention in your app, and what are they ignoring? Better yet, which aspects of your app are bringing in the most revenue?
    An understanding of guest behavior in the app gives you the power to promote various aspects of your property as needed, and tweak the things guests aren’t using.
  2. Are guests using your app more on property or off?
    You can use this kind of information to tailor messages to the guest. If more guests are using your app off site for area recommendations, try pushing your in-house dining. Alternately, this would be a good time to push any special discounts you may have with local merchants.
  3. Are the guests in your hotel at this moment having a positive or negative experience?
    This is valuable information for obvious reasons, but having the opportunity to turn a bad experience into a good one before the guest leaves the property usually only happens for the most outspoken of guests.
  4. In terms of all of these points, how does your property or brand compare to the competition?
    Personalization of the experience will help you stand apart from other properties. Mobile apps, while already providing a level of personalization, can help you gather data to further that process, along with showing how you stack up against the competition.
  5. Are your guests sharing your hotel information on their social networks?
    One of the best features of a hotel mobile app allows guests to share your property photos (along with your branding and messaging) with their friends. This is important because of the influence friends have over each other on travel decisions. Aside from providing this feature, you can also find out if it’s working. If not, try changing out the photos or messaging to see what works. Think along the lines of what potential guests wouldn’t see on your website – an insider’s scoop on staying with you, something that makes an emotional connection.

And don’t forget the muli-lingual functions of your app. Travel apps are now being offered in all of the languages allowed for in the App Store. By tracking foreign language downloads, you will gain insight into culture groups you are reaching and the best way to target those markets.