Reaching Out to the Hyper-Connected Generation


Hyper-Connected Generation6_24_14 copy

We believe in using tech to enhance the human connection, not replace it. But many people today so rarely look up from their phone, it’s nearly impossible to make eye contact with them, let alone make a meaningful connection.

So how can the hands-on people of hospitality reach out to these hyper-connected guests?

  1. Meet them where they are. Of course I’m talking about mobile (isn’t everyone?). This tech-savvy bunch needs information on the fly, a great user experience, and no wasted space on their phone.
  2. Tap into the subcultures. It seems that we spend a lot of time talking about the millennial generation. As a whole, reaching this group is a daunting task. They are busy, savvy, and well-informed, along with being buried in information and entertainment on an almost constant basis. So think in terms of reaching to this generation through the smaller groups to which they belong. For a great example of this, I highly recommend reading this article by Larry Mogelonsky on cross-generational word of mouth.
  3. Maintain an active and engaging social media presence. There are two fast food brands that I would use as an example. One, a certain burger joint, is often ridiculed for unhealthy food and bad marketing. The other, a late-night taco stop, is so ingrained in the young culture that, unhealthy food notwithstanding, it remains a source of admiration to Internet users. But why the divide? The taco company has taken the cheeky attitude that started in TV commercials and even in their restaurants, added a hint of sarcasm and a big dose of outreach, and turned their brand into one of the most successful social media campaigns out there. They regularly integrate pop culture and humor into their interactions, engage with users, and supply the exact kind of humor the Internet appreciates. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and their clientele has a feeling of ownership toward the brand. This strikes a chord with millennials that the burger joint has, thus far, been unable to find.

What creative methods does your property employ to reach out to the hyper-connected generation?