Highlights from our HITEC Team


We were all excited to welcome our team home from HITEC and hear about their experience. Here is a short recap of what stood out to them.

Biggest Takeaway:

“Mobile technology will be the dominant platform in guest-to-staff communications over the next few years as hotels begin implementing the next stage of the mobile strategy.” (Christy Doherty)

“I think, for me, it was seeing how ahead of the curve we were and how our framework, scalability and price have put us as one of the top software companies for the industry. I learned how powerful it is to have a team to depend on and bring in to help and it was awesome to see how we all had each other’s backs.” (Elizabeth Robinson)

“That whoever can figure out TRUE mobile check in will be king.” (Kristen Tsitoukis)

Favorite Moment

“Putting a prospective client’s app in their hands, built and ready to go, and it being a near exact fit to what they are looking for.” (Christy)

“My favorite moment was when I looked up from a conversation and every Monscierge employee on deck was engaged with potential clients.  This was extremely encouraging.” (Klent Luschen)

New Trends

“Remote check-in via app, and an appetite amongst hotel chains to attempt this via PMS integration. PMS integration provides better options for check-out and folio (bill) viewing, but there will always need to be a human element in the mix for check-in to allocate rooms on the day of.” (Liam Walsh)

“Intelligent recommendations based on guest profiling. This is huge and the next evolution.” (Christy)

“SMS texting and mobile check-in.” (Elizabeth)

“Lots of discussion around integration, mobile check in and keyless rooms.” (Kristen)

“The interest in implementing mobile applications into current mobile strategies and the buzz around ‘geo fencing’”. (Klent)

Added Notes

 “The hospitality market is becoming more and more educated on the app/technology world and the questions we are getting are much more technical in nature.  They know more, they ask more.” (Kristen)