The Inside Scoop on Design


Today’s post is written by our own UX Design expert, Andy Hale.

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Design and experience shape our everyday life. At Monscierge, we take great pride and care in crafting experiences that are user-centric, beautiful and most important meaningful. It’s our job to distill the purpose and create reasons to not only download an app or touch a screen but to also help drive people with a reason to use them. The process of creating highly functional and very usable software is a challenge to say the least. It ultimately relies on a careful balance of multiple people and teams around the world, each have a critical hand in helping to create, develop and support the product. With technology and accessibility exploding around us – guests’ demand great experiences and amazing content. On a personal level, beyond simply a shift into an ever-increasing mobile-first world one of my key challenges has been a push for greater awareness in a worldwide market and being cognizant of cultural cues.

Over the years, I’ve latched onto numerous ideas, trends and gained immutable experiences from every angle of the spectrum. A few key points have emerged which I take with me into every aspect of my daily and working life and push for my team to also follow.

  • Immersive – Does it feel like one seamless experience?
  • Simple – If something isn’t needed 90% of the time, don’t show it.
  • Fast – Nothing should be slow. Ever.
  • Fun – It should be a joy, not a chore.
  • Productive – You should make awesome stuff and not be thinking about your laptop.
The experience of design touches our lives in ways we rarely even notice. How much of an impact does it make to your daily life? Do you make decisions based on design?