Creating Loyal Customers


Today’s post is written by our Senior Account Manager, Elizabeth Robinson. She’s a natural customer service leader and has been an asset to Monscierge for over four years.

Loyal Customer


What makes loyal customers?  Is it the product? The price?  A lot of companies will market to their consumers as “Having the best product” or “Being the cheapest” or “Getting the most for your money”.  That type of marketing can entice many buyers to purchase a product, however, how many of those buyers return?

I started asking myself what makes me return to a particular restaurant or purchase additional services from a company, and I discovered that loyal customers can be achieved in three simple ways:  Listen to their needs. Prove your loyalty. Make them happy.

Listen to their needs:  You must be able to understand their needs and guide them through to the solution.

Prove your loyalty:   Take their ideas and think outside the box to see how you can make them a reality.

Make them happy:   Listen to their frustrations and correct it with sincere understanding. Be the “savior” when they need help with something at the last minute before an important account walks through the door.

A customer that feels you are always there, ready to help them, will not only be more inclined to purchase from you again but will also refer you to others.

At Monscierge, we strive to know our customers better than anyone.  We work with them to understand their needs, gather their ideas, and implement a customized solution for their property.  Every property is different. It is not a cookie cutter solution—it is a solution that is personalized to you.