A Message from Our CEO



The following is a message from Monscierge CEO, Marcus Robinson.

Monscierge is very excited about our recent 5 year anniversary. During those years, the industry as a whole has evolved significantly. The impact of mobile and the cloud have dramatically changed the landscape. We expect the coming rate of change to accelerate, and we feel like we are just getting started. Our culture at Monscierge is built around fast paced change, and our team is excited about the future and our impact on the industry. We have worked hard to build our company and our systems around the customer, and are truly looking forward to helping our clients tackle their specific challenges in 2015. As we embrace change in the industry, we are announcing a few changes of our own.

At Monscierge, we have a philosophy:  Build it, get it working, and then charge for it. Others in the industry have made their name the other way around. They charge for it, then try to build it. Emphasis on TRY.

We have invested heavily, and taken many years to create a framework that allows you to power your complete guest journey, and as a result, we are number 1 in the space for deployed number of global hotels. We believe so much in what we are doing, that we allow customers to try it first. If you don’t like the way we work or the product we deliver, you don’t have to pay, it’s as simple as that. We let you get started for free, and we stand behind our products.

We are announcing four very important pieces to our product strategy for 2015, beginning with a complete overhaul to the existing design of both our iOS and Android mobile platforms. V3 is much more contemporary in look and feel, and we’ve put a lot of effort into making it more user friendly and intuitive.

We are also announcing the upcoming release of our latest guest communication platform, Connect Web. Connect Web is a platform that allows hotels to connect and communicate across a web site. This means that hotel guests can access the same content via web browser as they can on the mobile platform. This content is exactly the same as is on the Lobby software and is all updated via one place, the newly launched Connect CMS.

In addition to these products, we are incorporating SDKs and APIs as an important piece of our overall product strategy for our clients.

We are building an innovative culture driven around being easy to use, scale, and do business with, while still maintaining affordability. If our services aren’t easy and affordable, they won’t fit into our strategy.

Please visit our new website for more information on the latest Monscierge products.