Beacons and Virtual Concierge



This year has seen lots of futuristic technology come onto the scene, and the travel industry has not been immune. Due to its location-specific nature, travel may end up being the biggest area for beacon technology to shine.

Beacons are small wireless sensors that can be placed almost anywhere. For hotels, this could mean placement near the bar, the front door, or the spa. The beacons communicate with individual devices as they move along the location. This means that, as a guest moves through the hotel property, their smartphone can pick up signals from the beacons and communicate with them.

This can bring a new dimension to a virtual concierge. A guest may receive a promotional offer as they walk by the spa or restaurant, or perhaps pull up a map as they hit the hiking trails. Other applications could include virtually guided tours, contactless payments, automated check-ins, and even content personalized to the particular guest.

Later this month, our own beacon expert will be sharing his insights on beacon use in the hospitality industry and beyond. Stay tuned!