New Hospitality Study: The Time for Mobile is Now




Over the last few months Gene Hopper, responsible for strategic relationships at Monscierge, has been working with the Center for Hospitality Research to study the use of mobile for an upcoming Cornell Hospitality Report.  This has been an exciting project and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute.

To gather information, Cornell surveyed people across multiple demographics about the use of mobile during every phase of travel. Questions involved mobile usage across the guest journey, as well as privacy concerns and perceived value. Expected findings include which devices travelers rely on for planning a trip, communication preferences, social media usage, and various technology touch points during travel.

Further studies will also cover app adoption and usage, hotel vs. OTA website visits, and device-specific information.  The publication of the first study is expected to be released this week and will be sent to 100,000 of Cornell’s contacts. If you would like to view this report, you can add your name to the list by emailing