Two-Way SMS Communication and the Hotel Guest Experience



True communication is a two-way street, and has always been a staple of great hospitality. That is why it is so important for the latest digital communication tools to encourage interaction lest the conversation of the past becomes the megaphone of today.

We all know that careful listening to guests not only helps the guest in question, but future guests, as management gauges what is working and what is not.

Including two-way communication in your guest-facing app benefits your staff, your guests, and your ROI. Not only can guests make requests directly to the relevant department, they can also be kept updated on the status, decreasing frustration as they wait. Aside from the obvious benefits, providing two-way SMS communication can enhance just about every aspect of a stay.

During travel, hotels with nearby road construction can alert guests about delays or where to park. Guests can give the front desk an arrival time, make their preferences known, and ask for directions if needed, which decreases the pressure and frustrations of a check-in queue.

Aside from making room service or housekeeping requests during the stay, staff can also be made immediately aware of any problems the guest may have. This allows the hotel to resolve even the smallest problems (the kind that may not warrant a phone call, but will show up in a review later) quickly, increasing reputation and loyalty.

As most people know how to use a smartphone, the learning curve for this type of technology is much better than innovations of years past. However, you may want to spend some time training your staff in text responses to maintain the level of warmth and friendliness guests are used to seeing in face-to-face interactions. For more information, check out the Cornell Hospitality Report – The Mobile Revolution is Here: Are You Ready?