5 Steps to a Great Guest Experience



Last month, in what should have been a fairly commonplace task, I tried to purchase my dad a Father’s Day gift. Instead, I got an example of “what not to do”, easily dissectible for my article this week. Never anger a writer, they say, he’ll put you in his book. Without giving away identifying details, I will point out the five steps that would have transformed this, and most, bad experiences into good.

  1. Make things easy. Easy to find, easy to buy, whatever part the customer plays in the transaction should be easy. I would add to this that contact information should be easy to access.
  2. Contractors should be just as invested in the guest experience as you and your staff.
  3. Remember that each guest is a person who has chosen to spend their time and money with you. Listen to them and be honest, even if you have to tell them what they don’t want to hear.
  4. Meet expectations. If something is promised, whether it be on your website, during a phone call, or in person, be sure that you follow through.
  5. Exceed expectations. You can measure happiness in the space between expectation and reality – any time reality exceeds expectations, happiness is increased.

In the end, my dad received his gift, and the writing material I got out of the situation almost made up for how late it was. In the age of internet, you’re bound to be written about, but if expectations are met or exceeded you should be happy with the story your guests tell.