Instagram + Hospitality: 5 Great Examples


Today’s post is written by our Marketing Coordinator, Angie Ford. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her posts on Instagram.

It’s been almost 5 years since Instagram was first released, but it seems in the last year or two that hotels have discovered the power of a (free!) photocentric social media platform. While I share photos of our devices and our lovely Bricktown office in Oklahoma City, I get to see hotels on beaches, luxury spas, 5-star restaurants, and other photos that make me try to convince the boss I need to visit those places for “business”. This made me realize how powerful Instagram is for hospitality.

I took to Instagram to find examples of hotels doing it right.

blogoneJW Mariott Cancun
I learned something- guests can check out a
GoPro 4 for free. Guests are commenting
about that on their Instagram takeover
photo, which is another great idea. Liz, a travel
writer from The Lemon Bowl, took over their
Instagram while staying at the JW Marriott.









blogtwoAccor Hotels
There are a lot of photo contests on Instagram, and
that’s okay. We like contests if it means fun and getting
free stuff. Accor is requesting entries use their hashtag
#welcomeinmycity and tag them @accorhotels.












blogthreeHoliday Inn Pensacola Beach
There’s nothing revolutionary to report here, but the
Holiday Inn Pensacola Beach’s photos caught my eye.
If you’ve got it, flaunt it. This is easily done if you’re by
the ocean, but don’t let your landlocked property stop you…









blogfourCamelback Inn Scottsdale
For 2 years, they’ve been showing beautiful photos and
plenty of videos. They embrace their Arizona environment,
share golf course pics and info, and show us the gorgeous
weddings. They’re sure to tell us about what’s happening
on-site right now.













blogfiveHilton Hotels
Lots of brands are taking advantage of the repost
tool. Share a guest photo! What a fun way to interact
with guests.











Takeaways: If you’re new to Instagram, keep posting. You may feel like you’re sharing photos with nobody, but before you know it, you’ll have a following. If you’re already on Instagram, make your own hashtag, run a social media contest, let a guest take over, and most importantly: engage. Ask questions to get comments and then reply. Comment on photos you’re tagged in. Repost and say thank you