Hotel Apps: Beyond Front of House



The use of mobile apps by hotel brands and properties continues to grow, the most common uses being booking, hotel information, and guest-to-staff communication. However, the back of house can benefit from as well, and many hotels are beginning to implement their use to increase efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Guest to staff communication via SMS messaging enhances guest experience by allowing guests to easily make requests for room service, housekeeping, or maintenance and then track the estimated wait time for the request to be fulfilled. It also provides an opening for guests to make preferences known before or during their stay.

The back of house management can assign and track tasks and be notified if they take too long and when they are complete. Departments have quick means of communication with each other and management can track guest satisfaction, housekeeping progress, maintenance tasks, and requests in real time.

The age of BYOD has put the proper technology in the hands of almost every staff member at no cost to their employer. A staff app brings the latest in tracking and communication technology directly to an employee’s own device, and can integrate seamlessly with guest-facing apps. Please look for our report on technology and the guest experience coming later in the year.

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