Hotel Technology and Data Reporting


Branded mobile apps have become more of an expectation for guests, and are quickly on the rise for staff members. With all of this comes data – guest preferences, request and maintenance tracking and communications all measured across a property or an entire brand.

This information can be used to measure and compare staff performance, time management, guest satisfaction and hosts of other information. Managers have real time access to this information so they can make quick decisions on anything from scheduling to maintenance priorities, and brands have the ability to compare performance across all properties.

These data sets can be automatically sorted according to brand needs, eliminating time spent creating mandatory reports and allowing managers to plan and prioritize workload more efficiently. Detailed metrics from guest-impacting issues allow managers to take swift corrective action.

If you would like to know more about these methods and how they impact both hotel operations and guest experience, detailed information is available in our case studies.

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