Staff Loyalty in a High Turnaround Industry


Turnover rates, traditionally high in the hospitality industry, have a direct influence on both revenue and loyalty. A loyal staff begets a loyal customer base. Employees who are passionate about what they’re doing will reflect a positive attitude that carries through to the guest experience.

It goes without saying that staff retention benefits everyone. While wages are influential, there are many other factors that play a part in fostering employee loyalty. Different personality types have different inner reward centers, but there are a few common themes among them.

Employees do best when they know exactly where they stand in the company, including their potential for growth within the organization. A management team that shares intentional goals, on a business and individual level, will encourage staff to meet and exceed them.

When that happens, never fail to recognize a job well done. Nobody should need constant coddling, but a genuine appreciation for employees who go beyond the call of duty or help out in a crisis should not go unnoticed.

Listen to ideas and concerns your employees have, and empower them to make decisions concerning guest satisfaction. They are a wealth of inside information, and often have an incredible grasp of which functions can help or hinder the operation. There is nothing more frustrating to a guest, or to a great employee, than having to defer to management to resolve a problem. Set parameters as needed, but allowing them to decide to give a room upgrade or send a bottle of champagne to a frustrated guest will pay off.