The Art of Welcome


A fantastic welcome is the first phase of a wonderful guest journey, and the art of welcome is a foundational skill for any guest facing staff members. Unfortunately, being welcoming does not come naturally to everyone. As with any quality of hospitality, some people are born with it, some can be taught, and some just simply don’t have it.

welcome  :  to greet hospitably and with courtesy or cordiality  :  to accept with pleasure the occurrence or presence of

So what is it that makes people feel welcome?

  • Eye contact: Making eye contact as soon as a person enters your space is an often missed courtesy. For those working the front desk, it is especially important to take a moment to acknowledge people who walk in, even if someone else is already being helped.
  • Say hello: I know it sounds standard, but it is easy for harried workers to skip a greeting and get right to business. Drawn out small talk is not necessary, but a quick hello or how are you will go a long way.
  • Refreshments – Many hotels have bottled water, coffee, or cookies available upon check-in. Food has a way of bonding us to those we share it with and the environment around us. This can be as simple as showing your guests where to find a cup of coffee or suggesting a great place to have dinner.
  • Familiarize – Knowing what is around you is one of the quickest ways to feel comfortable in a new environment.  Provide a means of helping your guests to better familiarize themselves with their surroundings – both inside the building as well as the area around it.

What points do you cover in your training to be sure that your guests feel truly welcome?