Cheers to Hospitality Staff this Labor Day


Labor Day, a day set aside in the US to celebrate workers – originally and specifically regarding the promotion of fair and safe working practices. During that period of the Industrial Revolution, long hours and unsafe conditions abounded, even for children.

Today, Labor Day is widely known as a day off of work for the 9-5 crowd, but the long hours and extra traffic in hospitality and retail spaces make for one of the hardest-working days of the year.

Over 35 million Americans are expected to travel this Labor Day, continuing the growth over the last few years and keeping hotel staff hopping.

The hospitality industry is known for staffing some of the hardest working people in the world, whose breaks rarely align with the usual work week and holidays. So cheers to the hotel staff who will spend Labor Day weekend hard at work; you are appreciated. May your guests be pleasant, your labors fruitful, and your RevPAR high!