4 Ways Hotel Apps Fight Commoditization


Over the last few weeks, we have discussed using technology to make the guest experience more comfortable and more personal as well as to generate loyalty. As commoditization becomes an increasing concern for the industry, hospitality leaders are looking for technology that increases brand awareness and loyalty, directly influences and enhances the guest experience, and creates a stand-out impression.

Did you know that your hotel’s app can help win the war on commoditization? Here are four major ways it can d0 that:

  1. Your app can put trusted local recommendations at the fingertips of your guests. Your own concierge recommendations, available at the push of a button, go a long way to owning the entire guest journey and help ensure that your guests have a great stay on and off your property.
  2. Apps offer another channel of communication with guests, especially in the area of requests. Along with branding and personalized services, this can greatly influence loyalty.
  3. App usage analytics help hoteliers keep track of guest satisfaction in real time, and make adjustments as needed much earlier than was possible only a few years ago.
  4. And finally, mobile apps have a direct positive impact on search results. For an industry already fighting OTAs in the searches, this cannot go ignored.