Thunder Plains – Tech in OKC


Working in Oklahoma City over the last few years has been an exciting and ever-changing experience. While Oklahoma is known for oil and cattle, the technology community is cutting-edge and very present.

Thunder Plains is a web and mobile developer conference focused on JavaScript and related technologies. Located at the Devon Boathouse in Downtown Oklahoma City, this sold-out event covers two days and features various speakers such as Steve Kinney of Turing School and Luke Crouch, web developer for Mozilla. Talks include Women in Tech, Continuous Security, Civic Coding, and much more. This event is hosted by Techlahoma, an Oklahoma grassroots technology non-profit aimed at fostering a diverse, inclusive, and active tech community.

Several of the Monscierge team members are in attendance, and they were excited to build an app for the conference this year. For more information on Thunder Plans, click here.