7 Reasons to Get Mobile in the New Year


Everyone is making resolutions to be healthier, save money, have more fun, and accomplish goals. This year, get your hospitality resolutions all in one place with a mobile app.

Attain Goals – The first part of meeting a goal is to name it, and the best way to stay on target is to track your progress. Today’s hotel apps can help you set and track goals in real time as well as keep your managers and staff on the same page.

Improve Service Standards – When you have fewer or shorter lines and more efficient operations, you are creating an environment that allows for better staff-to-guest interactions, innovative service opportunities, and an enhanced guest experience. Use your hotel’s app to identify slow points in the guest journey and improve or even eliminate them.

Reach Guests Anywhere – Mobile applications give guests hotel information at their fingertips during any phase of their journey and from any location. You can provide concierge recommendations before they arrive, dining reservations while they’re lounging at the pool, and valet contact when they’re ready to explore.

Eliminate Lines – This one bears a mention all on its own. Nobody likes to stand in line, and your hotel can completely remove that issue this year.

Increase Brand Awareness – Most of today’s travelers say social media influences their travel decisions. Your mobile app can give your guests access to branded digital postcards that showcase your hotel.

Mobile Payments – Smooth the end-of-the-trip process (and eliminate another line) with payment options on your mobile app.

Save Money – Aside from increasing efficiency and reducing paper waste, many hotels have experienced the money saving capabilities that come with data collection and analytics. The applications for this type of reporting are far-reaching. This could include tracking durability of linens and other hotel supplies, identifying faulty electronics through maintenance request tracking, and pinpointing other areas of both profit and loss to inform future planning and management.

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