Using Geofilters for Hotel Marketing


Hotels are getting into the Snapchat game and it has a lot of potential for location-based branded marketing. Geofilters, which consist of a graphic overlay for “snaps”, are a fun way to test the Snapchat waters. They are highly localized, which means they show up in the app based on a location that you set, and your cost depends on the area you choose and the times you set to have it available.

Geofilters are very easy to create, and with a few tips can provide an engaging way to increase brand awareness and get guests and even staff members involved with your digital marketing. Some of the best geofilters contain small amounts of text or images that describe the location, working like a stylish label for the photo. In order to get people engaged, it is important not to overdo the marketing messages. Instead, consider what would draw people into your location and play off of that. Maybe it’s a historic site, a local delicacy, or beautiful artwork.

You can also get more specific by creating geofilters for weddings or events at your property, local festivals, or even promoting your current charitable causes. No matter what your chosen focus, be sure your overlay is both attractive and relevant to gain the best engagement. This is definitely the time to have fun with your messaging by providing a filter that people want to use to and show their friends.