Hospitality in Healthcare


Over the recent past, the healthcare industry has begun looking to hospitality for insights into better patient care. After all, who better than the hotel industry to lead the way in making people feel more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings?

Technology plays a major role in measuring and reporting patient satisfaction, proving means for healthcare leaders to ensure the best care patients as well as their families. This is important for the wellbeing of those under care as well as Medicare reimbursement

Our client, Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City, has successfully used the Monscierge Connect app as an excellent way to provide high-quality care for patients and their families. This app provides menus for patients as well as direct links to patient health portals and valet services. Additionally, family members can access local information such as nearby places to eat, hotels, and maps to help them become acquainted with what is often a new town.

Over the coming weeks we will be talking more about using technology to bring hospitality to healthcare. To see this in action, check out Mercy Hospital OKC’s app in the App Store.