Hotel RL’s Innovative Living Stage


Hotel RL by RLHC is an innovative brand that brings an authentic local connection to the guest journey. Their Living Stage is a project that provides a space for local artists to share their creativity in everything from cause awareness and storytelling to cooking and poetry.

Hotel RL has created inspirational community spaces in its hotels from coast to coast that are bringing guests and the local community together. “Everyone says they want to be a part of the neighborhood and through The Living Stage, Hotel RL properties are giving the neighborhood a reason to walk in the door,” says Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer Bill Linehan.

The Living Stage has created means to offer artists further reach with live broadcasts, and guests can even view from the comfort of their rooms if they desire. This is a great example of properties maximizing local exposure, connecting guests with a fully immersive experience, and using technology to meet guests where they are.