Digital Guest Experience – Removing the Language Barrier


Increasing technology use by travelers to interact with brands means that the guest experience, formerly taking place almost entirely within the bounds of a hotel property, now extends to almost anywhere in the world. Whether it be research via tablet, mobile check-in, virtual concierge, or SMS chats with staff, maintaining a seamless guest experience across any channel is a serious challenge for hoteliers.

One of the best features to come out of hotel mobile technology is instant translation. This means that travelers or staff from anywhere in the world can communicate with each other clearly and quickly. This has tremendous potential within the industry.

Let’s take a look at 12 things that happen when you’re using your staff-facing app to remove the language barrier.

  1. Staff and guests feel more comfortable
  2. No more searching for the one staff member who speaks the one language
  3. Food service becomes safer – “Je suis allergique à l’arachide” is French for “I have a peanut allergy.”
  4. Assigned tasks become more clear and precision increases across all departments
  5. Work gets done faster due to interdepartmental communication
  6. Crucial emergency messaging reaches more people
  7. Safety improves with more accurate communication
  8. Guests feel comfortable asking for what they need which leads to a higher GSS score
  9. No more kitchen errors due to clear, typed orders
  10. Safety first: emergency procedures can be seen in guests’ native language
  11. Guests will not get lost in your city with translatable maps and helpful tips
  12. Your on-site amenities get more use as guests understand what your spa offers. हमारे ककड़ी मुखौटा कोशिश करो! (Try our cucumber mask)!

Staff facing mobile apps are becoming mainstream across the industry. Hoteliers should be sure that their mobile app partners are working toward including instant translation as a primary feature.