Travel Efficiency and Personalization Using SMS Requests


Mobility has an ever-increasing role in the travel industry and today’s travelers are relying more and more on their phones through each phase of their journey. A recent Monscierge survey showed that 56% of hotel guests prefer to make requests using text messages, taking the number one spot in communication preferences.

SMS is being used in hotels to plan the stay, announce arrival, contact the valet, order room service, and more. Key motivators for this technology are efficiency and personalization. Mobile technology can eliminate lines for check in and check out, prioritize and provide ETAs on room service and housekeeping requests, and even let guests in the door with room keys.

Personalization is a serious driver of loyalty. This same survey found that 94% of travelers are more likely to chose the same hotel again if they use technology to personalize their stay. This can be achieved by using beacons to greet guests by name, allowing them to have their favorite snacks available when they arrive, or simply breaking down barriers to make communication with hotel staff easier than it has ever been.

Check out this case study with Hyatt Regency Bellevue to learn more about text communication and its effect on the guest experience.