Mobile Apps’ Effect on the Guest Experience


The latest J.D Power study measuring guest satisfaction across hotel segments had a major focus on mobility this year. The study uses seven factors to determine guest satisfaction, including reservation, check-in/check-out, rooms, F&B, services, facilities, and fees.

Concerning mobile, Rick Garlick (J.D. Power Practice Lead – travel and hospitality) had this to say, “As mobile usage becomes increasingly ubiquitous for guests, the challenge for hotels becomes twofold: First, they must persuade guests to book directly with them, and second, they must encourage easy utilization of this technology. By forging direct relationships, hotels can become guardians of the guest experience, but at the center of these relationships is an establishment’s mobile strategy.”

Other key findings of this study included higher satisfaction rates with direct booking, use of a hotel’s app, and among those who both read and write reviews. For more information you can view the entire press release here.