Redefining the Guest Journey through Personalization


Over the last few months, we’ve been talking a lot about “killing the cheeseplate”. This phrase came from the early days of Monscierge as we were working with staff at a local hotel. When asked how he would change hotel operations, one staff member said he would kill the cheeseplate. He explained that he delivered a cheeseplate as a welcome gift to guests, but he was also discarding most of them untouched at the end of the day. He expressed a desire to tailor these gifts to guests in order to provide more personalized and valued services.

Killing the cheeseplate means redefining the guest journey through personalization. That is the attitude we took to heart during the creation of Monscierge Connect. Rather than using technology to decrease the need for human interaction, we have embraced the notion of using technology to create more opportunities for unique interactions with guests. We can do this through personalization of the entire guest journey, providing means of communication that guests prefer, and eliminating common guest frustrations such as waiting in lines.

Specifically, hotels now have means to identify guests as they walk through the door, greet them by name, and have their favorite treats or room preferences waiting for them. Further, guests are able to text the valet for their car, order room service efficiently, and view estimated wait times for requests. For more information, see how John Edwards, CIO, RLHC uses Monscierge Connect to “create new experiences for guests that weren’t available before.”