What is GDPR and What does it Mean for Hotels?


The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a huge change designed to protect data privacy as it pertains to EU citizens. Approved on April 14, 2016, this regulation takes effect May 25, 2018, and applies to any organization collecting data on EU citizens, no matter the location of the organization.

Compliance is mandatory for anyone processing data on EU citizens with the purpose of selling goods or services, making it particularly applicable to the travel industry. Hotels are particularly affected by this regulation as they often hold consumer data in multiple places as well as receive it from various sources such as OTA bookings.

In effect, compliance will include strict protections on all technology that can collect data at use within a hotel, staff training on privacy protection, and protocol in place in the event of a security breach. Our Monscierge team has plans in place to make this an easy transition for our clients, and we will be talking more about what this means and how to comply in the weeks to come.

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