Hotel Content for Facebook’s New Algorithm


You’ve probably noticed the significant changes Facebook made to the newsfeed algorithm earlier this month. The main idea is to increase person-to-person engagement and reduce posts shared from company pages. Content shared by friends will have priority which means that creators need to focus on shareable content over clicks and likes to retain and increase visibility. Another important change is the preference of live video over prerecorded video. These are big changes that should have an impact on your social media strategy going into 2018, especially in terms of content type.

Here are some practical applications that may up your Facebook engagement this year:

Live video is the most obvious way to keep ahead of these changes. Hotels can use this tool to create interactive real-time content. Your focus should be on topics that are relevant to many viewers, not just potential future guests. This could include how-to videos such as housekeeping tips and drink or food prep demos.

Meaningful conversations in the comments tell Facebook that more fans will want to see your post. Use your text and photo posts to inspire dialogue and ask questions. The key is to avoid “comment bait” and go for real discussion. Try getting locals involved by asking about their favorite nearby attractions or “insider tips” for your hotel guests.

Posts about individual persons tend to garner high engagement, especially from their friends or guests they have impressed. Be sure to use your page to showcase individuals such as your employee of the month, retirees, or guests celebrating an important event.

These are just a few ways to create more meaningful content that will not only help your algorithm rankings but delight your fans with useful and engaging ideas.