Concierge Influence on Digital Space


In this age of technology, does the live concierge have reason to fear the digital one?

The attraction of hospitality lies in face to face interaction and personalized service. Getting the guest experience right is what drives the passion hoteliers have for their vocation, but some fear that digital takeovers will soon displace these valued interactions.

While technology platforms can bring a new level of service, brands are best served using technology to enhance, not replace, concierge service. For instance, many requests such as weather information can be taken from the shoulders of the concierge in order to free up time to make the rest of the experience more enjoyable and perhaps even more personalized.

Local recommendations, even if they are stored and accessed using digital means, are best curated using personal experience and word of mouth. Hotel apps can be used in this way to help the concierge reach more people that would be possible in conversation while still providing face to face access for those who would benefit from it.

If you are considering adding a tech component to your existing concierge service, get your concierge involved in the process to ensure that your guests have access to the highest quality of service both digitally and in person.