Hotel Apps: Adoption and Rentention


Branded hotel apps own a lot of power over the guest experience and subsequent loyalty. Used at full potential, they will meet every mobile need during the entire travel experience. But two hurdles often come between guests and hotel apps: adoption and retention.

Standard adoption techniques include signage and table tents for the front and in-room desks and are valuable methods for promoting your app to guests on site. Don’t forget to utilize the available spaces on your key cards as well. Social media provides the best means of showcasing your app features before guest arrival and be sure to include the download link in all emails and digital communication produced during the booking process.

Communicate to guests the level of personalization employment of your app brings to their experience. Signature moments, local expertise, and direct communication with hotel staff across all service levels are key highlights for travelers.

Hotel apps are not limited to booking; you should own the experience throughout the entire journey by enabling communication between guests and staff, curating and delivering local experiences, tying into social media, and embedding reservation services so guests are able to do it all over again. In summary, app adoption and retention is about creating great customer experiences through a broad range of services, targeted and tailored to each individual guest.