Hotel Loyalty as a Two Way Street


Just like any other relationship, loyalty begets loyalty between hotel and guest. Social media usage allows that dynamic to play out further in that loyal guests now see sharing and recommendations as a natural byproduct of loyalty, and creating shareable experiences is top of the list for generating that loyalty to begin with.

Hotel staff should be trained and empowered to step in and be the savior when guests have a need, especially in unexpected and delightful ways. Managers should be checking review sites and other forms of social media to identify problem areas, listen sincerely, and correct when needed. Reaching out to engaged users is a great way to strengthen the relationship and publicly show your commitment to a personalized guest experience.

Loyal guests in turn share their positive experiences with friends and keep your property in mind when asked for a recommendation. Keep this element in mind when creating opportunities for shareable experiences and unique photos for your guests.