Hospitality for the Digitally Connected


At Monscierge, we believe in using technology to enhance human interactions rather than replacing them. Connectedness is the standard of hospitality and modernization of the guest experience must always keep that in mind.

Hotel software should be designed with the brand in mind. Not only should the look and feel be recognizable to the guest, amenities such as valet, concierge, and room service should extend seamlessly to software offerings for ease of use.

To enhance the entire guest journey, hotel technology should be customizable throughout implementation. Local recommendations should be updated on the regular, menus replaced with the season, and messaging relevant and in-the-moment for changes such as traffic delays or hotel events.

Most importantly, it should be an asset to your guests and create new opportunities for face to face interactions between guests and staff. Easy access to simple things like extra towels or room service leaves your staff free to go above and beyond to make each stay a memorable experience.